Sunday, July 26, 2009

compression test #3

Third times a charm.

All the cylinders were between 170-180psi.

So I guess I just had a faulty gauge on my other compression tester. Those first readings still worry me alittle though.

Atleast now I have some fresh coolant in the car. Now to get back to figuring out why the car sputters/misfires at higher rpms. Need to get ahold of a timing gun and change the sparkplugs.

Here are some pics from when I stopped by TFWorks the other day. They needed the car to test fit some cool things.

about to go on the lift. Nice to get the entire car in the air. I was able to find the oil leaks which are from the valve cover gasket and distributor, also noticed the tie rod boots are torn.

Garage BB wing, word.

Freds 10AE FC, sporting KnightSports aero/wing and spaced out jdm FD wheels.


s0apgun said...

sputtering up high sounds like a fuel pump issue

the3L said...


Kev!n said...

I have a timing gun at home. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

for the distributor leak -

valve cover leak -

Kou-san said...

Garage BB wing, over fenders, blue... Who does this car belong to? Never seen or heard of it.

philstarsays said...

no clue, customer car at tfworks, i believe bruce knows him, getting some v8 swap.

Brendan said...

Now I see what you're talking about with Fred's car, Phil. That thing is pretty wild. I have a feeling it's even better in person.
And you've disappeared from Facebook...what's going on?

s0apgun said...

i parked next to the teal fc yesterday at d1

this thing is loud as hell

lsx swap with super lopey cams

car is beyond sick he set off all the car alarms in the garage when he started it up

Risky Devil
Drift/Street Rodder Club


dustin's FC is pretty serious.

name of the paint seafoam firespray haha

Anonymous said...

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