Sunday, July 26, 2009

compression test #2

The gauge I had was acting up, so I returned it and got another one.

This time around, all my cylinders read around 170-180psi. Hmm Ill probably do another test later this week.

The reason I decided to do a compression test was because my coolant was an odd color.

Drained the coolant and it seems like the previous owner had mixed red and green coolant.

I also noticed the tips of my sparkplugs were pretty white.

Hopefully everything checks out and everything is fine. Well see.


Anonymous said...

If the results of the first test were accurate, meaning the middle 2 cylinders had lower compression than the outter 2 cylinders, then that would probably mean a blown headgasket, and the area is between cyl 2 and 3.

Good luck with the next results!!

the3L said...

dang guy... wtf.

Yuta Akaishi said...

if i were you i would just assume the second test was accurate and ignore the problem.

always works for me. haha.