Friday, July 31, 2009

v i p

Swung by TF, picked up an Origin FRP spoiler for the trunk which is even more subtle then oem coupe spoilers. Thanks Dave.

pic of Daves Q45, frame rail on ground, tucking rim. probably the only proper VIP style car in Chicago.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I am craving

Mocha Joe from BK, light on the ice. GF introduced me to this awhile back, so good!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

compression test #3

Third times a charm.

All the cylinders were between 170-180psi.

So I guess I just had a faulty gauge on my other compression tester. Those first readings still worry me alittle though.

Atleast now I have some fresh coolant in the car. Now to get back to figuring out why the car sputters/misfires at higher rpms. Need to get ahold of a timing gun and change the sparkplugs.

Here are some pics from when I stopped by TFWorks the other day. They needed the car to test fit some cool things.

about to go on the lift. Nice to get the entire car in the air. I was able to find the oil leaks which are from the valve cover gasket and distributor, also noticed the tie rod boots are torn.

Garage BB wing, word.

Freds 10AE FC, sporting KnightSports aero/wing and spaced out jdm FD wheels.

compression test #2

The gauge I had was acting up, so I returned it and got another one.

This time around, all my cylinders read around 170-180psi. Hmm Ill probably do another test later this week.

The reason I decided to do a compression test was because my coolant was an odd color.

Drained the coolant and it seems like the previous owner had mixed red and green coolant.

I also noticed the tips of my sparkplugs were pretty white.

Hopefully everything checks out and everything is fine. Well see.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

compression test..

Just did a compression test..

CYL#1 170
CYL#2 120
CYL#3 140
CYL#4 170

I dont know how to work on cars or what this means. It can be a variety of things right? Headgasket? Rings? Valves?

I need your guys input on what to do now ha.

RIP Minh Dinh

you'll be missed cool guyy...


OEM LSD is feeling worn out.
Car begins to sputter/misfire? after 6600rpm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i need to update more often, 86

updates with the corolla.

-swapped over the Bride Zeta I from the S13, got some used Buddyclub rails.
-swapped over my Personal 330mm steering wheel, got a BOSS 75mm hub, and a Works Bell 15mm spacer shortly after because my knuckles kept hitting the turn signals
-pulled front fenders using hammers and dollys, still not done, plan on doing a light layer of bondo to make it smooth
-bashed in front wheel wells for turning clearance
-dremeled front bumper for turning clearance aswell, typical corolla stuff
-front lip was originally mounted the oem way, so i remounted it below the bumper, hangs like an extra 1 1/2 - 2 inches lower
-lowered car, in pictures, that is Greddy Type S coilovers with a collar removed in rear, and i evened the front height to match.
-oil change, oem filter always.
-FINALLY registered the car today, no more riding dirtyyy

Ive been driving it here and there, ive made several changes with the dampening and settings on the car. All I know is that the car is a blast to drive and its continually getting more and more fun the more I play with it. Id post up my settings so far in a later post even though Im no expert.

Just need to sort out a thing or two on the car and hopefully AutoX with WCMC on Saturday. Ive never been autoxing before, so I cant wait to see how I do, or if ill even like it!