Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i need to update more often, 86

updates with the corolla.

-swapped over the Bride Zeta I from the S13, got some used Buddyclub rails.
-swapped over my Personal 330mm steering wheel, got a BOSS 75mm hub, and a Works Bell 15mm spacer shortly after because my knuckles kept hitting the turn signals
-pulled front fenders using hammers and dollys, still not done, plan on doing a light layer of bondo to make it smooth
-bashed in front wheel wells for turning clearance
-dremeled front bumper for turning clearance aswell, typical corolla stuff
-front lip was originally mounted the oem way, so i remounted it below the bumper, hangs like an extra 1 1/2 - 2 inches lower
-lowered car, in pictures, that is Greddy Type S coilovers with a collar removed in rear, and i evened the front height to match.
-oil change, oem filter always.
-FINALLY registered the car today, no more riding dirtyyy

Ive been driving it here and there, ive made several changes with the dampening and settings on the car. All I know is that the car is a blast to drive and its continually getting more and more fun the more I play with it. Id post up my settings so far in a later post even though Im no expert.

Just need to sort out a thing or two on the car and hopefully AutoX with WCMC on Saturday. Ive never been autoxing before, so I cant wait to see how I do, or if ill even like it!


Oscar said...

Looks good now it just needs a pair of wide mismatched wheels in the rear.

Yuta Akaishi said...

that looks really good.

your cars always look good.

Brendan said...

Phil! Your facebook seems to have disappeared, and I haven't heard from you in text messages....you got any free days this week? And if not...any way I could tag along for AutoX on Saturday? I'd be happy to shoot photos =].

Minh said...

man phil, your 86 is looking hot already. i cant wait to see it

Yuta Akaishi said...

sounds like a plan.

i dont really like updating about shit like what i ate that day and the like.

i picked up some S13 coilovers so i gotta blog about putting those on the S30 soon but i have so little time it seems.

oh and i actually have some shitty sized reverse mesh, running both inner barrels might get you a 15x10 or so, interested?