Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Picked up the new G1 Google phone. Finally got rid of my old pos. So far I like it a lot, cool apps so far and such. Battery life is less then stellar though. Or maybe I'm just playing with it too much everyday haha. Atleast now i always have a camera on me so expect random picture updates.

weekly jam

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DD24 part 2

more videos for your viewing pleasure

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DD24 part 1

here are a few videos, ill add more as i get them. it's crazy how much fun you can have on a budget. bone stock KA with 215k and a welded diff hah. I think i glazed my clutch half way through the third session probably from the excessive heat and clutch kicking. and it started slipping really bad. It sure feels good to be back.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just registered for DD24. Haven't driven in an event in over 2 1/2 years, this is going to be badass, awesome, and good times for sure. Just need some finishing touches to get done on the car and get some tires and I'm good to go!

also picked up a desktop computer from a friend. dual screen setup, 16" Dell monitor, 19" Samsung SyncMaster 931BF monitor, AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4600+,1GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7900GT Video Card 256MB, 2x Western Digital Raptor Hard Drive 70GB 10,000 RPM 16MB, Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard MX3000, Asus m2n32-sli Motherboard, etc. etc. pretty legit.