Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Funday

Sunday day time street drifting with some of the fellas. Pretty much everyone crashed, paid off a security guard, almost ran over a few people (SORRY <3), mexican food, good times had by all. And as the last pic shows, T2 was out playing with his cam, awesome T2 edit coming soon???

how much more abuse will this motor take! hah i seriously forgot how much fun streeting is. Street is where i learned everything. Street is where my heart is.


Yuta Akaishi said...

this is really cool.

im really digging the aesthetics of your vehicle.

the3L said...


DaS said...

driving gloves? nice touch. just get a green racing suit and your set haha

its the 4ag right?

Oscar said...

Looks fun, love your car, so simple.

Spotted it on the Spirant JZX blog, too.

Sean said...

This reminds me of 2003.

Most definitely, awesome.

Rob Anderson said...

sicksick! gotta love them fun days