Sunday, August 2, 2009


Went to D1 today. Good times. Some drama with some of the judging decisions in final rounds, as expected with professional drifting. I only took one picture while I was there.

This car was a suprise to see. Bruces FC from Risky Devil, sporting new paint, new aero, new hood, new wheels, and a bunch of cool stickers. 2001 drift car style, in 2009.

After D1, went and chilled by the lake, got some grub, good times today.


Kev!n said...

Bruce's car = best one there.

Rob Anderson said...

i totally agree with kevin.

Brendan said...

Bruce's car is solid, for sure...Ilia's is looking bad ass for this year as well.

Philstar - I've got a new lens in the mail. Pic-tars and some cruisin/chillin when it comes in??

Matej said...

That FC is pretty.