Monday, May 18, 2009

stupid starter

Car was acting up on me the past few days, turns out the starter took a shit on me. Big thanks to Josh for letting me borrow his to see if it was the problem. Just ordered a used supposidly good working condition one off Ebay and ill be back up and ready to go.

Since most the ppl went to DDay, after me and my girlfriend put the starter in + getting some Hooters, did a night cruise to the city with a few of my Honda friends from the CrazuKnights crew. Man they get down on the highway! Went to the spot, did some longboarding, super chill awesome night, wouldn't have it any other way.

Heres a quick pic the gf took.


Kev!n said...

you need quality pics of this, badly.

hopefully i'll see it around over the weekend ;)

the3L said...

Kevin, celly pics are JDM... :P

Kev!n said...

no, old crappy camera pics, terribly resized, in .gif form are JDM haha

the3L said...