Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the other night

first time trying to do some real driving with the new setup, so much fun, i miss street!


JDM GIRL said...


By that small video I can already tell your a very good driver!

Keep up the Good Work!


Kev!n said...

looks even better in motion.

sal campo - powerzamcam said...

we're coming to chicago!

LongGrain said...

i love this.

AYE-PEE-TOO 4 U said...

damn phil, first time i have seen you in action since you had the miata.... I LIKE!

genetic said...

haha yes!

i never imagine that car would ever see that place.

like always, puttin' it down!

hope to see you soon :)

Revgasm_Josh said...

hi friend =)