Friday, November 7, 2008

snow tomorrow?

Forecast is showing rain and snow storms tomorrow, which means soon the salt trucks will be coming out. So it looks like i'll be putting the car down for winter. One winter with this car would probably rust the crap out of my car with all the exposed metal on the frame rails and such.

Quite a few people have some pretty crazy and awesome winter plans for their cars. Mine are pretty simple since I don't work while I'm finishing school. So my winter plan is to basically refresh the car a bit, get new motor mounts and trans mount, take care of all the fluids, make sure everything is tight and nothing is bent, get a fresh alignment, fix the ebrake, tires tires tires, and putting the car on a little diet.

Makes me think like damn, i continually just buy the same stuff over and over again but yeah they are wear items and shit wears when you drive hard.

Anyways, i want to see this, ive always seen him in movies but i never knew he was into driving. Looks pretty cool.

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Kev!n said...

yeah, seems like a lot of people are changing it up for 09. lots of 01 style supposidly in the s-chassis scene.

should be cool.